Meet Our Team

Sailors, with their built-in sense of order, service and discipline

We as a team of Ippokampos sailing are here to provide you an unforgettable experience in the rare natural beauty of Santorini island, by taking you sailing at places inaccessible by foot or car.

Explore extraordinary volcanic beaches and the lunar landscapes with luxury, full service, warm hospitality and picturesque places which can only be admired in Santorini.

Launched in 2022 by a visionary leader who grew up falling in love with the island and the wondrous results of the eruption.

By his side a team with unbeatable experience in the seas and only one purpose, to complete each desires with a high level of accomplishment.We offer first class services with reasonable prices for each excursion, with a guaranteed satisfaction

Our moto SEAS THE DAY cause every day on your vacation counts!

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